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Cooking classes

Marcos' Kitchen Cooking classes

Scheduled or private cooking classes

Looking for things to do near Milan?
Do you love Italian food?
Do you love nature?

Cooking in someone’s home is different than cooking in fancy kitchens with fancy equipment

Our scheduled cooking classes are held at my home that is an ancient farmhouse located in the beautiful Ticino Natural Park, only 45 minutes by train from Milan, on Lake Maggiore.

Surrounded by nature

Your table in the wood is waiting!

We will have lunch in the wood, literally, enjoying food and complimentary beer or wine.
At the end of the lunch, we will be able to have a walk in the woods trying to spot the different animals that live in there: foxes, hares, dormice, wild boars, buzzards, cuckoos, woodpeckers, etc.
In case of adverse weather conditions lunch will be held in the living room of my home that has large windows overlooking the woods.

living room

Marco’s Kitchen creates intimate culinary experiences

A maximum of 8 students allows the intimacy and you will feel like at home.
In case you are a larger group, get in contact with us and we will arrange the experience accordingly, in this case, another local chef will be present to assist me in managing the group.

Lasagna bolognese on the plate

Milan Cooking Class

Overview In this cooking class, we will prepare traditional Italian dishes together. I’m a Personal Chef and I’ll be happy to share with you my best recipes. This is not a fixed menu experience, let me know what interests you. ‘ll match with the other participants’ needs and define which dishes we will prepare. Examples… Read More »Milan Cooking Class

tagliatelle pasta cooking class

Pasta Cooking Class

Overview In this hands-on  cooking class you will learn how to make authentic, fresh Italian pasta  from scratch, only eggs and the right type of flour that has to be used.Tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi, lasagne, choose your preferred pasta! You will then prepare the sauces that you prefer, that better match the shape of the pasta… Read More »Pasta Cooking Class

Caponata (Sicilian vegan dish)

Vegan Cooking Class

Overview In this cooking class, you will learn how to prepare some traditional Italian dishes that are originally vegan. Alternatively, I will guide you through the process of turning some traditional Italian recipes into a delectable vegan creation. Don’t miss this chance to try some amazing Italian vegan cuisine, here some examples of what you… Read More »Vegan Cooking Class

Pumpkin and bacon risotto

Gluten free Cooking Class

Overview If your diet is gluten free, don’t worry, Italians don’t eat only pasta! In this cooking class, you’ll learn to create your very own delectable, gluten free Italian traditional dishes from North Italy, like risotto or polenta.Alternatively, if you really like some pasta recipe from the Center or the South of Italy, we can… Read More »Gluten free Cooking Class

Sousvide cod and pumpkin

Private Cooking Class

Overview Choose which dishes you want to prepare, your private cooking class will be completely tailored. You can focus on dishes from a specific Italian region. Or you can choose to develop your skills on some topics: pasta making, or dessert preparation, or baking. We will use seasonal, organic, locally sourced ingredients. I speak Italian,… Read More »Private Cooking Class

addio al nubilato preparando la pasta sq

Bachelorette Cooking Class

Overview This bachelorette cooking class includes all the fun of a dinner party with your girls, but also comes with a side of schooling. It doesn’t require you to come with sharp knife skills and proper pronunciation of sous vide.  We will tailor the experience with you, from Italian classics to vegan to gluten free,… Read More »Bachelorette Cooking Class

festa compleanno nel bosco

Birthday cooking class

Overview Celebrate your birthday with a cooking class, what better opportunity to share this fantastic occasion with friends or family. Much more fun and intimate alternative to the classic restaurant outing. Let Marco help you prepare the dishes for one lunch (or dinner) that will leave everyone amazed by your skill. We will customize the… Read More »Birthday cooking class