Cooking Classes in Milan

Best cooking classes in Milan for your next culinary journey

Milan cooking classes

tagliatelle pasta cooking class

Pasta Cooking Class – Milan

Learn How to Cook Delicious Pasta Dishes from Local Chefs Experience authentic Italian cuisine and elevate your pasta-making skills with our exclusive Pasta cooking class in Milan. Led by a local chef, you’ll journey through traditional pasta dishes using only the freshest organic, locally sourced ingredients. Learn to prepare a variety of pasta types like… Read More »Pasta Cooking Class – Milan


Private Cooking Class – Milan

From 380€ Experience the true essence of Italian cuisine with a hands-on private cooking class in Milan, led by a local professional chef. During the class, you will have the opportunity to work with fresh, organic ingredients and learn about the different flavors, textures and techniques that make Italian cuisine so unique. You will be… Read More »Private Cooking Class – Milan

Lasagna bolognese on the plate

Traditional classic cooking class – Milan

Take your taste buds on a journey to Italy with our Traditional Classic Cooking Class in Milan! Led by a local chef, this hands-on cooking experience will teach you how to create traditional Italian dishes using only the freshest and most organic ingredients. Pasta, Lasagne, Gnocchi, Ravioli, Risotto, Pesto, Parmigiana, Caponata, Ossobuco alla milanese, Involtini,… Read More »Traditional classic cooking class – Milan

Caponata (Sicilian vegan dish)

Vegan Cooking Class Milan

Experience the authentic taste of Italian cuisine without any animal products! Join our vegan Italian cooking class in Milan, led by a local chef who knows all the secrets of traditional vegan dishes from Italy. Learn how to prepare classic Italian recipes such as Discover the delicious and healthy options that Italy has to offer… Read More »Vegan Cooking Class Milan

Pumpkin and bacon risotto

Gluten free Cooking Class Milan

Experience the best of gluten-free Italian cuisine with our cooking class in Milan. Say goodbye to the belief that Italian food is all about pasta! Our class will teach you how to prepare traditional, gluten-free dishes from Northern Italy like risotto and polenta. If you prefer pasta, don’t worry, we can show you how to… Read More »Gluten free Cooking Class Milan

addio al nubilato preparando la pasta sq

Bachelorette Cooking Class Milan

Unlock your culinary potential at our bachelorette cooking class in the Milan metro area! Say goodbye to usual hen parties and hello to an engaging and interactive culinary adventure. Our class is perfect for the bride-to-be who is passionate about cooking who, together with her best friends, will be able to have fun and prepare… Read More »Bachelorette Cooking Class Milan

While in Milan you can enjoy the best hands-on Italian cooking classes.

Choose between the different available cooking classes according to your dietary requirements and preferences.

We will guide you on a journey through Italian traditional recipes from Milan and Northern Italy

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