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Cooking Team building Italian Dream Milan

Marco's briefing before the Team building

From 100€ / person

Uniting the Team in the Kitchen: A Delicious Team Building Experience in Milan.

Are you looking for a fun and unique team building experience? Look no further! Our cooking team building class in Milan is the perfect way to bring your team together and bond over a delicious meal.

During the class, your team will work together to create a delicious meal under the guidance of our experienced chef. Not only will your team learn valuable cooking skills, but they will also learn to communicate and collaborate effectively in order to create a delicious meal.

At the end of the class, your team will sit down to enjoy the meal they worked so hard to create.

Book your team building cooking class today and give your team the experience of a lifetime.

How cooking team building takes place and what are the factors to take into consideration

Organizing a corporate cooking team building activity for a large group is a non-trivial activity therefore we have:

An initial briefing in which the objectives and activities that will be carried out will be illustrated.

To encourage communication and collaboration, we will divide the large group into smaller teams of up
to around 10 people. Each team will work together to prepare a different dish, then all dishes will be
brought together to create a shared meal.

To build trust and develop leadership skills, we will assign a leader for each group. Leaders will be
responsible for delegating tasks and need to ensure that everyone works together effectively.

We encourage creativity by providing a variety of ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques for
teams to experiment with.

To boost morale and create a sense of belonging, we will provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere
for the cooking activity, ensuring we give the teams enough time to cook and enjoy the meal together.

Given the size of the group, we will have some professional chefs who will follow the activities and
offer assistance as needed.

At the end of the preparations, the participants of the various groups will also take care of serving the
dish they have produced at the table.


Different locations are available in the Milan metro area, depending on the group size.

If you prefer a stunning natural location, we are waiting for you for the Cooking Team building Italian Dream at Lake Maggiore.

Team Building
Team Building

Frequently asked questions

Why cooking team building and not other team building activities?

Because the ability to organize work and time is stimulated as in a company, but everything takes place in a more creative environment, producing immediate results that can be shared in a “playful” environment.

What is the duration of the Marco’s Kitchen cooking team building?

Usually, 3 hours are spent in the kitchen preparing the 3-course meal which is then shared. In total, therefore, usually, the duration is about 4 hours.

Is it possible to organize the cooking team building in a personalized way?

Of course! This is a private event that is defined together with the client company both in terms of methods and in terms of duration.

We have an international team, is cooking team building recommended?

Cooking team building is a powerful driving force for aggregation, especially in an international multicultural context. Preparing food is certainly the most shareable activity whatever the nationality of the participants.

In which languages ​​is Marco’s Kitchen cooking team building available?

Marco’s Kitchen cooking team building is available in Italian, English and French.