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Marco Personal Chef serving Farinata in a villa

Personal Chef Marco – Lugano

Chef at home Marco on Lake Lugano – General description Indulge in an in-home authentic Italian meal prepared by the private chef Marco in the Lugano area at the same cost as dining out in a restaurant. Marco will source the best organic ingredients from local producers, prepare each course from scratch and tidy up… Read More »Personal Chef Marco – Lugano

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We will guide you on a journey through Italian traditional recipes from Northern Italy

Hi, my name’s

Passionate about cooking, after having cooked as an amateur for 35 years for family, friends, and colleagues, since 2017, I started as a professional chef.

I like food from all over the world, and I think that through food we can get in touch with the most profound culture of a population.

I’m not too fond of waste in general and food waste in particular.

I speak Italian, English, and French.

Together with the other chefs who work with me, we will let you discover the best local culinary delicacies.


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